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Hadeco are world leaders in Hippeastrum hybridisation

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Let's get to know the amaryllis / Hippeastrum

The plant that has become so well- known today as the amaryllis, is not a true Amaryllis, but belongs to the genus Hippeastrum. The true Amaryllis is Amaryllis belladonna – and there are only 2 species in the Amaryllis genus. Amaryllis belladonna  and A. paradisicola originate from the southern Cape in South Africa.

Hippeastrum are also known as the "Christmas Flower"

All Hippeastrum species come from South and Central America and there are 86 species in the wild. 

The great variety in Hippeastrum that are commercially available, are hybrids – that is, they have been cross- bred by growers. Hybridisation of Hippeastrum began in the Netherlands in 1767.

The aim has always been to produce larger , and more blooms in a greater variety of colours. Hadeco® are world leaders in Hippeastrum hybridisation.

The original Hippeastrum as they were discovered growing, mainly, in South America, have trumpet- shaped, slightly hanging blooms. The hybrids available to you are beautifully open- faced and outward- looking. From four to six of these gorgeous flowers are borne on two to three stout stems of some 40cm tall.

Colours range from pure white to lovely soft rose, pink, magenta, salmon, orange, red, mahogany and red- and white- striped beauties. Hadeco has recently added yellow to the collection. Double- flowered cultivars are also available in this colour range. The strap- shaped, erect leaves accompany the rapid growth of the floral stalks.​

A peak into the colours of our Hadeco Hippeastrum

A peak into the colours of our Hadeco Hippeastrum